Computer Arts Shuts Down

2020 had been a crazy year, everyone knows this. Along with this dreadful epidemic and the economic slowdown, came the closing of a very inspirational magazine, Computer Arts.

I loved the magazine because it was a great source of inspiration, ideas and generally keeping up with the global graphic design industry.

I remember all the times I was out of inspiration, grabbed my ipad, opened up the latest issue and a small glimpse of something would get my creative juices flowing.

The magazine was based in London. The UK economy is crumbling due to coronavirus and Brexit and as Beren Neale wrote in his goodbye editorial “With no footfall predicted at the UK’s newsstands for the next six months, stockpiled issues on hold from flying out to the US and Europe, and difficulties with printing and distributing the magazine we would have stood to have made a loss for the financial year – and that is the bottom line” describing the reasoning on why the magazine shut it’s operations . This is a sad sad moment.

The good news is that currently all the back issues of the magazine can be downloaded for free on the magazine app, so go ahead and grab some issues!