Responsive Design

I wanted for a long time now to write an article about responsive design. It seems funny to me that in 2016 we still talk about if a website should be responsive or not. I have a very clear opinion on this and that is ALL WEB PRODUCTS should be designed and developed responsive. We shouldn’t ask the client if he wants it this way, we shouldn’t charge extra for it, it must be included in the starting price. It’s like going to buy a car and the dealership says it will charge you extra for the tyres.

Let me give an example. From the data I get from my clients that run online shops, I can see that around 60% of purchases come from a tablet or mobile. When most of your customers use a mobile device to buy your goods there shouldn’t be a question if your e-shop should be responsive or not.

We live in the era of mobile computers (tablets, smartphone, smart watches etc). When we design a website, application, banner we must always keep in mind how it will display across many different screen sizes, resolutions and technologies.

Responsive design is not a novelty, it is the way we should build our products!

Christos Kolokythas
Founder / Creative Director of Aestetik